Friday, October 8, 2010

Can contact lenses be TOO comfortable?

The latest advances in technology have created contact lenses that are very breathable and even approved for overnight wear. I do not recommend overnight wear of soft contacts on a general basis. Recent studies have shown that sleeping in soft contact lenses can increase your risk of a bacterial infection by 8-10 times. However, some patients have accidently overworn their lenses without even knowing it!

Dr. Levy had an experience that he describes:

"A middle aged father came in for an exam complaining that his one eye had been blurry for a month. I took a look at him behind the biomicroscope, and asked him how long this badly coated and deposited contact lens had been on. "What are you talking about?" he asked; "I don't wear contacts!" "Sir," I replied, "I guarantee you that I am looking at a contact lens on your eye, and it is badly coated with deposits." "But I don't wear contacts," he protested; "I only borrowed a pair from my son for a race about a month ago." "And how long has that eye been blurry?" I asked. "About... a ... month..." came the sheepish reply. I just smiled, didn't say a word, and he took the dirty lens out."

A month? In someone else's dirty contacts? He was very fortunate that his 'tough' eyes did not experience more severe consequences, such as infection, blisters, or severe dryness.

We will take advantage of the excellent new comfortable contact lens technology, but we will use this responsibly to provide the best vision and eye health. Just remember to take your lenses out and clean them daily, and to NEVER borrow someone elses contacts!

Please don't let this happen to you!

Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) can arise from contact lens abuse, such as not taking them out daily, or not throwing them way at the recommended time period prescribed by the doctor. The overwear of contacts may cause a patient to develop small little 'blisters' underneath the eyelid, such as those shown in this picture. Think of how painful a blister on your foot can be - well a blister in your eye can be quite painful! Please wear your contacts safely and responsibly!


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