Sunday, September 19, 2010

Slightly Nerdy but Helpful Bed Spectacles

Not the prettiest glasses in the world. I use these "Bed Spectacles" while lying flat on my back on my couch. However, even though I am looking straight up at the ceiling, I am actually viewing my computer laptop on my lap. These glasses allow you to lie flat on your back and look up, but you actually see something about 90 degrees below, such as a computer, a book, or TV. Do you know of anyone confined to a bed and is sick of looking at the ceiling? How about using them to peek around corners and spy? Maybe I could bring them to the dentist next time and see what he is really doing!

PROS: A person can watch TV or do computer work while lying flat on their back and looking straight up.

CONS: Due to gravity, they kept sliding onto my face and hitting my eyelashes so that I couldn't blink. The secret to wearing them is to put the temples outside of your ears to hold them off your face a little so they don't slide into you.
I also noticed my eyes would dry out after a while because I was holding them open so wide looking up at the ceiling. It was better when I took the glasses off and tilted my head at an angle and my eyes were slightly closed. However, some people may not be able to tilt their head if they are in a neck brace, etc.

Even though I am lying flat on my back and you have a great view of my chin, you can see my eyeballs peeking through the glasses.

There are actually different types of these glasses, and I do not endorse any particular brand. I have yet to find one that is adjustable so that you can alter the angle from 90 degrees to any any degree. Let me know if you find one!

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