Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lions are Rockin' the world!

Do you know what the largest service organization in the world is? It is the Lions Club. This international organization provides glasses and vision services for needy people all over the world. They have also helped over 8 million people receive cataract surgeries. Over 120 million children have been able to receive help with vision services through the Lions Club. There are opportunities for anyone to participate with this wonderful organization. In fact, Dr. Paull supports her local Lions club and they work hard with fundraisers and fun events to provide glasses and to help with special needs of local residents. If you know of someone who is in need of glasses or an eye exam but may lack the funds to pay for it, please contact our office at (804) 272-0848 and we can direct you to the correct Lions coordinator that may be able to help.
To see more about the fun that the Lions members have, watch the humorous hip hop video below!