Sunday, February 26, 2012

Help others see, and save money!

Donate your old pair of glasses or sunglasses to the Lions Club, and receive $5 off any self pay fees at our office!

The Lions Club has a special program for donating eyeglasses to needy people throughout the world. When Dr. Paull was in optometry school, she participated in a missions trip to Belize where over 12,000 pairs of Lions club glasses were lugged to hundreds of needy people in the rural areas of Belize. Each pair of glasses was carefully cleaned by a volunteer, and the exact prescription was measured. Volunteer doctors measured the patients' prescriptions and checked for eye disease, and then glasses are given to patients who were sometimes able to see clearly for the first time in their life! To date, the Lions Club has helped over 100 million people with eye care services throughout the world.

Do not let your glasses gather dust in your house! Bring them in to our office and we will thank you by taking $5 off any self-pay fees (not applicable towards insurance copays, limit is 2 per patient). And don't forget those old sunglasses! We will accept non-prescription sunglasses as well, giving you an excuse to update your style!


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