Tuesday, January 4, 2011

King of Vision

Congratulations to Greg L. - he is the King of Vision for our optometric practice! He even beats Dr. Paull and all the associates in the practice.

Greg told Dr. Paull that he had always had super vision with his contact lenses (he wears Air Optix Night & Day lenses). Dr. Paull looked at his high prescription (-8.00), and she knew that his uncorrected visual acuities were so bad that he couldn't even read the 20/400 "Big E". She did not really believe that he could have an 'eagle eye', due to his high nearsightedness. It is harder for him to see small letters because images are made even smaller with higher prescriptions for nearsightedness.

However, Greg surprised Dr. Paull by reading all 5 letters on the 20/10 line without a problem! Erynn, the optometric technician, was brought into the room to confirm that Greg could actually read a perfect 20/10. That means that what the average person could read 10 feet away, Greg can see it 20 feet away. That is almost impossible, because most people have distortions in the cornea, lens, and other media that the lightwaves pass through in order to be seen by the retina. Additionally, the neurological cells that are stimulated by the lightwaves must be small enough to distinguish the wavelengths from the small letters. Science has shown that if the eye was 'perfect' and if all the media was completely clear, then the best theoretically possible vision would be 20/8 because of the limit of the cells based on their size. Greg is one of the few in the world that has this near-perfect vision. Right now, there is no officially documented "Guinness Book of World Records" holder or best vision, but perhaps Greg should hold that title!

We will be checking our patients carefully this year, to see if anyone can come close to Greg's vision. If not, he will reign as King of Vision indefinitely!


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